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Why TOEFL is a money making machine and ETS doesn’t respect You

To start the new year, I will add one more Rant about the TOEFL iBT ( in addition to this rant from an Oxford scholar)  . One week before the test, I took some practice with Notefull videos . Joseph Miranda does a great job at explaining how to score well on the TOEFL iBT. The latter is not exactly measuring English skills , you have to know different kinds of tricks which are not even nearly related to English skills. My weakness is the Speaking part . My English speaking is fluent but I find it unnatural to say everything in 45 sec or 60 sec ( no more , no less). The voice is recorded and later scored by a certified ETS  rater. It is a similar to a rapper contest without the rhythm. Even in my native language ( French ), I cannot do it. I passed the test on December 5 at GLS Sprachenzentrum Berlin. Despite the training from Notefull, I knew I fucked up the speaking part. agents reply like robots

I received my score, 10 days later , I thought I performed better. Only 22 on writing.

I knew I could score better at reading and much more at writing ( I used the right paragraph structure according to Notefull. Wrote 350+ words for the first essay and 500+ for the 2nd => the more the higher score). Surprised , I requested to see my corrected exam. Here is the template answer I received :


Thank you for contacting the TOEFL Program.

Dear Mr.,

Thank you for your email.

Please be informed that we do offer a score review service – after receiving your scores, you can request a review of the Writing section and/or the Speaking section of your TOEFL iBT® test. You have 1 month after your test date to request a review. IMPORTANT NOTE – the score review service is not available if you have already requested that your scores be sent to any institutions or agencies.

Keep in mind that you can only request only 1 score review per test administration, and there is a cost of US$80 for each section. Both sections together cost US$160.

If the review results in a change in your scores (either higher or lower), your new scores will be posted to yourTOEFL online account, and you will receive a revised test taker score report if you requested a paper copy before you took the test. The revised scores will become your official scores.

Download the Score Review Request Form at

Results of the score review will be posted online within 3 weeks of the receipt of your request and payment

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us again.

Kind regards,

Agent ID: xxx
Case ID: xxxx


US$80 to request one score review ?? It is no secret that paying for an extra review will grant a higher score. Now I never asked to review, I simply requested to see my corrected test.

The  TOEFL test taker are not allowed to display parts of the exam in any public environments. So I understand their refusal to show only the reading and listening parts because they are multiple choice questions. But the answers can be so different on the writing and speaking sections. So why hide it ?

ETS agents only reply with template answer. I don’t know if these agents can properly read emails. After 5 exchanges , I am redirected to  to request a correction of my exam. Judging by the template answers the ETS agent reply , I seriously doubt they can get a B1 on the Reading.


Thank you for contacting the TOEFL Program.

Dear  ,

It’s great to hear you took the TOEFL® test!

We received your request for a score review – unfortunately, your scores can’t be reviewed because you have already requested that they be sent to at least one institution or agency.

As stated on the TOEFL website at and on the Score Review Request Form, our policy is that scores cannot be reviewed if the test taker has selected any institution or agency as a score recipient.

Furthermore, our Score Review service is not available for the Reading or Listening sections of the TOEFL iBT® test. Those sections are scored by computer and validated by the ETS® Score Quality Control process. The Reading and Listening sections are graded and validated in several stages, and the scores can’t be put through our review process.

If you decide to take the test again to try to improve your scores, be sure to check out all the free and priced test preparation products at

We’re sorry we can’t be of more help!

ETS is committed to improving your customer service experience. Please take a moment and complete a short Customer Service Survey at:

Thank you in advance for your participation.
Maria xxxx
Case ID xxxxx


How qualified are TOEFL examiners ?

OK by reading above , I guess I will never see my corrected essays. It is no use to waste my time . If the monkeys behind email cannot read and answer by their own words , I don’t blame them. What about the people who score the test : writing and speaking ?  The examiners must have at least a higher command of English . I checked the requirements for the scoring job opportunities ( note this is not specific for TOEFL )

The Online Network for Evaluation (ONE) is ETS’s proprietary software application that enables Raters to score test-taker responses and/or other submitted work via secure Internet access. Raters typically score from their homes or offices, in accordance with ETS guidelines. Online scoring sessions may occasionally be conducted at regional sites.

The process for each testing program includes:


To certify and score using the ETS Online Scoring system, prospective Raters must have computer equipment that meets the minimum hardware and software requirements.

So the raters are just a bunch of people working from home. There is no need to have a bachelor, no English certification required ( TEFL certification ) . The English teachers I met in China and Germany aren’t the smartest crowd, yet they have at least a bachelor. I have nothing against them, some are very smart ( one was a former investment banker). But these guys/gals recruited by ETS have no fuck*** credentials. There is no requirements for them to speak fluent English. Just have a computer and internet connection, and you can score any TOEFL listening and writing tests. I wonder where are located the ETS scorers ?  If I were the CEO of ETS , I would put the bare minimum for all raters at least 26 out of 30 on the Writing or Speaking sections.

On top of that, ETS charges US$80 to review the speaking or writing part . My guess estimation is that it takes no more that 30 minutes to score each section. Sorry ETS ( Educational Testing Service ), I think the test takers deserve more respect from you. Especially when you charge US$245 for a 4h test in Europe. I got excellent customer service for as cheap as US$10. ETS has the monopoly of the TOEFL, it is just a lobbying and money sucking machine.

So next time, I will look at IELTS . At least the IELTS speaking part is done in the presence of an academic examiner. ETS, don’t count on me to take your GRE. I prefer the GMAT.


  1. Jessica Davis Jessica Davis

    All ETS scorers are located in the United States.

  2. Faisal Khan Faisal Khan

    Indeed TOEFL is a fraud money making game.I had issues with the score reporting,been four months and still did not recieve my report.Here I am in a position where I could not apply to three univeristies just because I did not receive my score reports.I mean seriously the ETS officials don’t even give you a tracking number or something through which you could track your report.Really disappointed with the services provided by them.They probably consider your report a worthless piece of paper,since there is no tracking mechanism aswell.i PAID FOR taking the exam and I HAVE THE RIGHT TO MY SEE/KEEP/HAVE ACCESS atleast to the ORIGINAL SCORE REPORT.It’s funny how the organization with years of service have such an absurd process.Also you cannot by yourself send the universities your report instead the TOEFL,greedy people will charge you a fee for sending the official report.My career was at stake if suppose I had not got that admit as the ONLY choice I had to go on with.This is how they earn from you provide you the worst service!
    Trust me I have gone through this and would want no one to go through the same experience.GO FOR IELTS and see for yourself ,there are plenty of sites where test takers have shared their experience of TOEFL and IELTS.i could not find many negative reviews for IELTS.They send you the scanned copy which is ACCEPTED BY UNIVERSITIES and you would save a lot of money if you’re thinking of applying to many univerisities.

    • omar omar

      sorry all of this happened to u
      i have a Q though
      can i use my ielts to work as a teacher in orivat schools

  3. Jay Papoonya Jay Papoonya

    Would agree with many comments here. Know several raters for TOEFL Speaking and they are quite unhappy with treatment by management in receiving no raises for many many years and no benefits offered AT ALL. Do you want that scoring your test. Get shift cancellations constantly and not compensated for committing to a work schedule weeks in advance. That’s a crime!! Team morale at all time low and people looking for better jobs that offer a better package. Need changes in everything!

    • @Jay , you know several raters from Kansas ? I checked your IP address.
      Do a simple math, how many man hour is needed to correct 1 TOEFL test ? max 1h for speaking and writing.
      For the same price, I can afford an intensive German class for a month : 4 times *3h per week, 4*4*3 = 48 hours in a month for around 220 euros.
      9 students sit in the class. The company and teachers still make a decent living without any gov. support.
      The profits of ETS go deep in the pocket of the owner but not for the raters.

      Shame, Shame, Shame
      “Due to its legal status as a non-profit organization, ETS is exempt from paying federal corporate income tax on many, but not all, of its operations”


      • Jay Papoonya Jay Papoonya

        Yes. Basically paying close to minimum wages in some states, for such a supposedly “high stakes test.” Makes you realize what management thinks of their raters and how they value them. The raters are key cogs and equivalent to the players of a professional sports team. Without them there you got nada and a terrible product. Better treat them right if you want them to perform. There is no loyalty amongst the raters who score these tests & a very low motivation as well. A recipe for disaster!

  4. André Maia André Maia

    I absolutely second that, and I say that as someone who got a high score on the TOEFL. The TOEFL is a test that was whether done for you to fail as many times as possible so the ETS can profit from that, or they just don’t give a fuck about making a good test and will just let you keep talking to a machine like an idiot instead of hiring examiners to do that. That’s why I always say that if you have the chance, take the IELTS, and don’t even lose your time with the jackasses from the ETS.

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