CompassRay update “2.0 Xu Fu”

For this release , we got the analytic , a new message popping up, no arc velocity. I didn’t see any use of angular velocity so I suppressed it, it was using space the bottom left corner.

Faster animation

I was unsatisfied with the previous animation, it feels sluggish . Now it’s more responsive but not too fast so the animation looks smooth. For developers, I simply changed SensorManager.SENSOR_DELAY_NORMAL  to SensorManager.SENSOR_DELAY_GAME  .


Need INTERNET permission . Let’s see if this permission scares away users or not. Just to know more about the demographics of active users .

New Message

Compatible with Android 4.0 ICS like you see on this pic. Yeah I got my Samsung Galaxy Nexus this week which I chose over the Galaxy 3. I introduced a Toast at each new launch to drive more traffic to . At least it drives awareness to this site. I’m hoping users will download my other apps too.

Version name

It has been a tradition to name each version after a explorer. For this time, I chose after Xu Fu

Euro 2012

No relation to CompassRay. For the finale,  I will support Spain over Italy.
EDIT : Glad Spain defeated Italy, 4-0

CompassRay 1.7 Andrei КомпасРэй

CompassRay has been translated into Russian thanks to Andrew. I like the spelling КомпасРэй = CompassRay

At the very beginning of the application, I wanted a tool to show me the direction of the street to take. Google Maps is great to show locations. In the first versions, Maps didn’t have a compass on the user location. So I created compassray as a tutorial and a useful tool for myself. I’m glad thousands are still using it today.

This week I received an email from an user, he volunteered to translate into Russian. I feel nearly ashamed not to add any improvements.

The lastest version with Russian locale can be downloaded on Google Play . On Ndoo / Nduo