Android studio after 15 days

Shortly after Android studio came out, I installed it at work. As a long user of IntelliJ ( BTW I visited their office in Prague ), my IntelliJ projects were imported into Android

What’s the difference between the two ?

Just like ADT Bundle bundles Eclipse + ADT plugin +  Android SDK now , Android Studio is pre-packaged with the Android SDK, so it already knows about android.sdk.path . In short it ‘s easier to install Android Studio than IntelliJ + Android SDK.  IntelliJ Community edition is more general. As this quote from Yole ( from JetBrains team )

Yole : The main point of this for Google is being able to have an experience focused on Android – as an example, Android Studio bundles the Android SDK and configures it automatically for you. IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition has a broader focus; for it, Android development is just one of the many scenarios it supports.

As far as I remember IntelliJ supported Android since 2011. Back then, there was no  graphical preview for the layout editor. But I used it for the fast code completion and faster compilation time. IntelliJ Community Edition bundles a Android plugin, so there was no need to download the equivalent of ADT.

But still for me,  Android Studio == IntelliJ specialized on Android . I use their names interchangeably


As an early preview  (currently v0.1.1 ) , I caught and filed the issue number 56000 ( round number , am I lucky ? )  that IntelliJ 12 did not have . I had to switch back to IntelliJ. After a few days ,  I opened Android Studio and an upgrade notification popped up. The issue was fixed.


Now there are two official IDE for Android : Eclipse and IntelliJ

Eclipse Android Studio
Version Control System ( VCS ) Need a plugin for each VCS. Update with an external VCS client, you need to refresh the workspace VCS integrated. It supports Git, subversion, mercurial. When you update with an external VCS client, IntelliJ will sync automatically . WIN
Code completion faster and indexes the world. WIN

There is one area that Eclipse beats IntelliJ : the number of plugins available. I only switches to Eclipse when there is a large team that uses Eclipse because we can easily share dependencies with the .properties files, whereas IntelliJ use .iml files.

By default, Android developers used Eclipse by default. Now Google officially supports two of them. My current choice is IntelliJ ( or Android Studio ). I don’t like the darkcula theme, I prefer light color . Matter of taste like WordPress themes . And  you , what will be your choice ?

One Day in Tallinn

During my trip in Helsinki, me and my buddy spent a day in Tallinn ( Estonia ). We took Tallink Silja at 9 am . It’s 2 hour long trip one way. The boat is really gigantic and has a shopping center, a buffet inside. Now Tallinn is a popular shopping destination for Finns because the alcohol’s tax are really low.


For us, we wanted to visit the Old Town.
The good surprise about Estonia is that the currency is Euro €  since 2011.

With the influx of tourists , prices have risen a lot in the center. For example , lunch cost about the same as in Helsinki. This borscht soup below cost 6 € in a restaurant in the center of the old town. Much later I found a 60 meter square apartment cost 325€/month.

Borscht soup

Outside of the old Town, the new city looks like any modern European city with a Scandinavian feel. Prices drop sharply outside of the old town.

Tallinn is famous for the development of Skype. With its affordability and the engineer’s talent, Tallinn took scene as a high tech hub.

On the return, we saw Finns packed with alcohol in their cars. As for me , I bought Riga black balsam chocolate ( very good for the price ).


Estonian language is related to Finnish. Listen to his song to have a taste of Estonian language
Even tough I don’t understand any words , it amazes me.