Gary Vaynerchuk’s Web 2.0 Keynote in NYC: great motivation

There is not one single week, I miss this formidable speech from the energetic Gary Vaynerchuk . He delivers some powerful messages for any wanna be entrepreneurs. I used to think he was just another wine guy, lame friend wth Kevin Rose.

Legacy is greater than currency. Your great children are gonna watch what you’ve done. I think about that every single day.
It’s massive opportunity. In the old days to become a brand, you needed a lot of media mainstream attention. But now if you ‘re talked enough, you can build your brand.
I don’t want to hear about this 2 jobs thing. If you want this, if you’re miserable, if you have a passion for something else. You work after hours, that’s plenty to do damage

Watch the last minute, I LOVE that phrase.

Everyone has time, stop watching f’ucking lost!  If you want this, if you want bling bling, if you want to buy the jets, if you want do shit! WORK, that’s how you get it

I’d love to attend next Web 2.0 if I could. I come to realize that few people grasped Internet is the new gold rush. If you’re not going to do what you’re about, somebody is gonna take it.

My work colleagues never grasp the potential of social network. I talked about Obama was on every front: Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Linked, Youtube …. he let users engage conversations. That was a huge advantage to catch voters attention.

Why use ?

If you have come to this page, maybe you’re interested in blogging, maybe you’re already using blogger or movable type. I used to have another account on WordPress until I could not log into when I was in China thanks to the Great Fire Wall. Then I switched to blogger which is convenient if you have a gmail address. But I was quite unsatisfied for various reasons :

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress has more advanced features. When it comes to SEO, meaning for search engine  wordpress blogs come first despite the fact blogger is owned by Google.  Believe it or not, here is a proof |

Why not use a self-hosted from ? Some countries like China, Dubai block any access WordPress, Flickr , Youtube … So the best way to get around is self host or use a proxy. It’s affordable for about 4USD a month of hosting with domain name. Why do that when it’s available for free on PLUS you benefit the network of . Consider now you’ve blogged for some time and want to self host. Of course you don’t want to lose your posts and comments. It’s possible to transfer from, blogger, movable type to . So no worry

User friendly

Matt Mullenweg is cool and he’s just one day older than me 🙂 .  Actually I met him at WordCamp Paris, he is very candid, open and passionnate about what he does. I advise you watch any of his videos on youtube, he’s a visionnary at his age.  Coming from a non tech background, Matt’s visions of WordPress is very easy to use “You have to know WordPress is the last thing on Earth, bloggers have mind. It’s a disrespect towards the person if he loses time using it”. He openly described the software behind WordPress as clunky, there would be a lots of work to move to MVC. But hell, it’s better than TypePad and Blogspot. As users, we do not need to think about the tools when blogging we focus on contents. That’s the important part.

    I notice Google is losing edges. Flickr owned by Yahoo is cooler than piscasaweb. Since Youtube was bought, it’s less innovative. Blogspot was at the spot when Google bought it.

    So in short

    Internet Explorer Mozilla Firefox
    Piscasaweb Flickr
    Jaiku Twitter
    Blogger WordPress

    Choose your side