Timeless permalink

Before this blog had the following URL structure /yyyy/mm/dd/sample-post/ ex: /2018/09/05/sample-post/  . Most online newspapers follow this URL structure. It’s great when the blog creates a lot content.

Over time, I figured out my posts still had visitors years after.  In terms of SEO, search engine may not  directly penalize in their algorithms but people will naturally look for content with a recent date.

More over, I often updated old posts . So I had to change the permalink structure.

I removed the date in the URL so the permalink changed from  /2018/09/05/sample-post to /sample-post

Someone liked your old post and shared the link . Now this link doesn’t work anymore , it is broken. You have to redirect the old URL to the new ones.

The redirection must be permanent , use the HTTP code 301 . A 302 is a temporary redirection. I use the plugin redirection .

You could redirect URL one by one, it will be time consuming. Better use a regular expression ( regex ) . Mine is


Yoast redirect tool  is a great tool to figure out the regex from your old permalink structure to the new one.

More tips from the expert

ICANN 60 day lock

My blog was down for the couple past days, because I changed the hoster.

Normally it should have been very smoothly. The domain was due to expired on July 1st 2017 . The support at FastComet told me to renew at Planethoster because they need 15 days to transfer. But I didn’t expect a 60 day lock after transferring my domain  raychenon.com to the new hoster.  Somehow the registrant’s information  (WHOIS ) was modified when I ordered the transfer not by me directly.

FastComet transferred the website content ( DB, images, post , …)  but the domain name was still with Planethoster. Since the transfer was in progress, I couldn’t edit the DNS, nameservers . But the support at Planethoster could. I was just the middle man between Planethoster and FastComet.  The fix took a week.

Currently the domain is still with Planethoster, but all the existing links are there.

To avoid the 60-day lock :

  • Request the transfer to another registrar before changing the registrant’s information
  • Have the prior registrant opt-out the 60-day lock (if this option is offered by the registrar) before making any change to registrant information.

In the next post, I will explain the reasons why I changed the Cloud Hosting for my blog powered by wordpress.

Back from KingsOfCode

It’s one week old since I’ve been to Amsterdam for KingsOfCode.  I had one contact (never met in person) on my LinkedIn who organized a side-event. In less than 5 days I planned my trip from Paris to Amsterdam. And I so enjoy it, I  talked with passionnate people. With smaller conference, I can feel mor human atmosphere where you can to talk to speakers directly.

Here are some  pics. Mike Malone (Pownce) and Andy Smith (Jaiku) both were doing a presentation on Django framework.

  • – About micro-blogging . What makes Twitter so popular ?
  • – If you find that one, please let us know . Mike
  • – That’s not because it’s built on top of Ruby on Rails 🙂
  • – I don’t think people care what’s build n top. Andy


I also chatted with Francisco Tolmasky, former Apple employee.

  • – What kind of profile does Steve Jobs has ? Is he a UI designer, software architect, marketing guy …
  • – Well he’s the guy who chooses what features to add or remove from the ideas . Without Jobs , Apple wouldn’t be what it is today.


Low budget Lord of the Rings : the Hunt of Gollum

This morning on TV, I learnt about a fan Tolkien made movie : ‘The Hunt of Gollum’  for a budget 3000 £ . 160 people were cast on the  40-minute story I think it’s mind-buggling how much can be done for so few means.

With a budget of £3,000, the film cost somewhat less than Peter Jackson’s trilogy, but that doesn’t mean this fan-film looks like it was put together with cardboard and string.The trailer promises a lavish production that models itself closely on Jackson’s vision of Middle-earth – with North Wales, Epping Forest and Hampstead Heath doubling for Tolkien’s orc-infested lands.

For more information http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8022623.stm

The trailer is available on youtube.