Back from KingsOfCode

It’s one week old since I’ve been to Amsterdam for KingsOfCode.  I had one contact (never met in person) on my LinkedIn who organized a side-event. In less than 5 days I planned my trip from Paris to Amsterdam. And I so enjoy it, I  talked with passionnate people. With smaller conference, I can feel mor human atmosphere where you can to talk to speakers directly.

Here are some  pics. Mike Malone (Pownce) and Andy Smith (Jaiku) both were doing a presentation on Django framework.

  • – About micro-blogging . What makes Twitter so popular ?
  • – If you find that one, please let us know . Mike
  • – That’s not because it’s built on top of Ruby on Rails 🙂
  • – I don’t think people care what’s build n top. Andy


I also chatted with Francisco Tolmasky, former Apple employee.

  • – What kind of profile does Steve Jobs has ? Is he a UI designer, software architect, marketing guy …
  • – Well he’s the guy who chooses what features to add or remove from the ideas . Without Jobs , Apple wouldn’t be what it is today.


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