Bada OS Samsung

Bada (meaning Ocean in Korean) is the new Samsung OS. Samsung Wave (equipped with Bada) will be available in France on May 2010 for around 450€. The Samsung Galaxy i-7500 embedded with Android is not supported with updates, i know some owners who are disappointed

What’s different from Android and iPhone ?
I made this article because during a job interview, the CEO told me he was planning to invest ressources on Bada ( FYI : I wasn’t hired ). The guy wasn’t either impressed by Bada at MWC, but he said ALL Samsung phones will be equipped with Bada representing about 40 % of French market ( French love mid to high-end mobiles, whereas in India Nokia is dominant ).
I’m just impressed by this optimism on Bada. Will it be just another Symbian ? Only the next months will tell.

But iPhone demonstrated to be successful platform, you need :
– volumes ( done )
– distribution channels ( done )
– successful apps store ( Samsung as an electronic company needs to show that)

ADL Paris! Nexus One for free

I went to the Android Developer Lab on Feb 10 2010. One of the main speaker was Romain Guy. His talks included
– the Android stack in 1.5 was only 8K bytes (now 12K bytes). So it ‘s no use to kill process to allocate more memory.
– useful tool HierarchyViewer optimize and debug the User Interface.

An occasion to meet the French actors and get some useful contacts.

In the afternoon, everyone got a free Nexus One. (I feel bad for those who ordered previousl but one told me he re-sold his second)