Post SMS release Facebook

I’ve been thinking for long about an app to share SMS on facebook. Now I’ve done it.

What’s the use ?

Well I had a long SMS conversation once with a girl ( over 200 ) . I wanted to save all the text messages on my device. I found SMS backup from Christoph Studer and an improvement SMS backup+ from Jan Berkel. People save and restore their SMS because they cherish these memories . Just like photos, you don’t only store them on the hard drive. Once the photos are exposed , people get satisfaction when others comment on them. So why not for SMS ?!

Since the iPhone’s Message app , reading/writing SMS is a conversation.  I wanted a way for people to expose their SMS . The text as they received or sent, no SMS should be altered once in the box.

How to use

This icon will be used on Facebook wall.

You’re familiar with Message type app , it works the same way. The first page is like any SMS app : SMS grouped by contact. Click on one item and all the SMS exchanged with this contact are displayed. Then select the SMS you want to share.

screen story

For the moment , you can post the SMS from your Android smartphone to facebook . Top  preview in your smartphone . Bottom what it looks like on your facebook wall.

Note : share SMS that won’t embarrass anyone. That’s common sense. You don’t upload nudes photos of your friends . After all it’s up to you.


The app is asking for three permissions :
– SMS , to read your SMS shared across all the applications. So a SMS received or sent by another app will be present in “Post SMS”
– Contact to join a phone number with a person name.
– Internet to access the internet of course.

Is it malicious ? I could still record user’s personnal data. No I don’t . Anyone can check the data packet exchanged from my app.


Currently what I think is lacking :
– Sometimes a phone number is shown instead of the contact name. This bug happens when the number was saved as local number , but the SMS has an international number . Ex : French number 0611223344 is converted to +33611223344 . Each country has its own rules.
– Single Sign On ( SSO ) , you already have the facebook app installed , login into. You still have to login again. BTW I don’t catch your password .
– a notice for message posted or failed. There is a little window that pop up for a few seconds. I have an idea how to better integrate with the UI .


If you find interest, the app can be downloaded here

Please share your impression in the comments.


Bada OS Samsung

Bada (meaning Ocean in Korean) is the new Samsung OS. Samsung Wave (equipped with Bada) will be available in France on May 2010 for around 450€. The Samsung Galaxy i-7500 embedded with Android is not supported with updates, i know some owners who are disappointed

What’s different from Android and iPhone ?
I made this article because during a job interview, the CEO told me he was planning to invest ressources on Bada ( FYI : I wasn’t hired ). The guy wasn’t either impressed by Bada at MWC, but he said ALL Samsung phones will be equipped with Bada representing about 40 % of French market ( French love mid to high-end mobiles, whereas in India Nokia is dominant ).
I’m just impressed by this optimism on Bada. Will it be just another Symbian ? Only the next months will tell.

But iPhone demonstrated to be successful platform, you need :
– volumes ( done )
– distribution channels ( done )
– successful apps store ( Samsung as an electronic company needs to show that)


ADL Paris! Nexus One for free

I went to the Android Developer Lab on Feb 10 2010. One of the main speaker was Romain Guy. His talks included
– the Android stack in 1.5 was only 8K bytes (now 12K bytes). So it ‘s no use to kill process to allocate more memory.
– useful tool HierarchyViewer optimize and debug the User Interface.

An occasion to meet the French actors and get some useful contacts.

In the afternoon, everyone got a free Nexus One. (I feel bad for those who ordered previousl but one told me he re-sold his second)


Conference Android

Vendredi, je me suis rendu a la conférence GET en soirée pensant rencontré des passionnés.

J’ai suivi avec 2 personnes de Google dont un commercial basé a Paris. Le 2eme de Mountain View me demande en me voyant avec un HTC Hero, ‘what’s your twitter client ?’
– the default one, I love the hero because the HTC Sense really bring something on top of it.
On a eu la chance d’avoir entre nos mains des portables : Motorola Droid, HTC Tattoo … bien sur il fallait les rendre a la fin.
Pas de tutoriaux, aucune presentation techniques neanmoins j’ai pu me faire 2 contacts qui ont publié leur appli sur Android.