Speaker at Droidcon Berlin 2015

I am excited to announce I will speak at Droidcon this Friday June 5 2015. My talk is here https://droidcon.de/session/failures-and-retrospectives The initial title “Android Fuckup and postmortem” was accepted in the Call of Paper . But to be politically correct I Continue reading Speaker at Droidcon Berlin 2015

Conference Android

Vendredi, je me suis rendu a la conférence GET en soirée pensant rencontré des passionnés. http://android-france.fr/tag/google-efrei-technologies/ J’ai suivi avec 2 personnes de Google dont un commercial basé a Paris. Le 2eme de Mountain View me demande en me voyant avec Continue reading Conference Android

Back from KingsOfCode

It’s one week old since I’ve been to Amsterdam for KingsOfCode.  I had one contact (never met in person) on my LinkedIn who organized a side-event. In less than 5 days I planned my trip from Paris to Amsterdam. And Continue reading Back from KingsOfCode