Passionate traveler, about tech . I write about my present and past adventures & experiences and share some photos. It’s mostly random but with a focus on travel.
Currently I live in Paris, France. Sometimes I blog in French.
There are lots of places I saw in the beginning but nothing struck me more than East Asia. I was fortunate enough to stay a few months in China . This was life changing.

More about Raymond Chenon

I spent most of my life in the southern Pacific island , Tahiti , where I grew up in a Maori culture. It is isolated from the rest of the world. In some way, that’s how I got so eager to visit some places while in Europe.

I maintain a portfolio of my mobile-apps projects and cloud on chenon.app

Raymond Chenon in front of Hong Kong island ( Tsim Sha Shui side )


Parfois je blogue en Français sur des sujets d’actualité en France. Je raconte souvent les aventures de voyage en Anglais.

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