Low budget Lord of the Rings : the Hunt of Gollum

This morning on TV, I learnt about a fan Tolkien made movie : ‘The Hunt of Gollum’  for a budget 3000 £ . 160 people were cast on the  40-minute story I think it’s mind-buggling how much can be done for so few means.

With a budget of £3,000, the film cost somewhat less than Peter Jackson’s trilogy, but that doesn’t mean this fan-film looks like it was put together with cardboard and string.The trailer promises a lavish production that models itself closely on Jackson’s vision of Middle-earth – with North Wales, Epping Forest and Hampstead Heath doubling for Tolkien’s orc-infested lands.

For more information http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8022623.stm

The trailer is available on youtube.

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