28 twenty eight

I’m turning 28 this year. This the the first time I blog on my birthday

The year 2011 , I switched to a job which brings me closer to my goals. I travelled to 5 countries. In my  twenty-eight year , I have some resolutions :

  • turn some of my Post-it ideas into products available on the App store or Android market. Something useful to me and users.  Of course have direct feedback from them.
  • develop some skills. I love reading on personal development . But I also started to follow Stanford CS193P course on iOS development.
  • try to improve my Mandarin speaking and writing. That will be a big one.
  • travel cities I’ve never been to and blog about interesting facts in a short format not really à la Anthony Bourdain style. But trying the “off the beaten path” spots. Learn a few words in the visited country.

After reading Matt Mullenweg’s blog , I made a donation for fundraising clean water in Africa. Here is what I wrote in the comment

Happy Birthday Matt ! January 12 is my birthday and I’m turning 28 too.
Once I met you in WordCamp Paris, I asked what inspired you to create WordPress at such a young age. It was passion. Ever since you’re my ideal entrepreneur (would love to travel around the world and meet fans) that’s why I’m supporting your charity. For my birthday, I’m buying this gift.

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