Raygional update “2.0 widget”

It’s been over 2 years without any updates. Simply because it worked for me and HTC sense has a nice feature to change the keyboard configuration when typing. But recently I played with other smartphones and DAMN I was wrong. Worse I did  not read users comment. That was my old self = no customer support. Some emailed me. Hey I can’t reproduce your problem since I don’t have your device. But things have changed since I have plenty of devices at work.

What’s in the update

Raygional had a major update.

  1. First the one click change didn’t work on most devices. Not great for an app supposed to change the language setting in one click. On my device it was working but that’s no excuse. Now it’s compatible with android 2.x and 4 (ICS) , no test on 3 (honeycomb ) if someone can report.
  2. Second now it has a widget which is showing the current language setting used. Click on the widget to change the language.

Raygional widget

For those don’t how to insert a widget , here is a how to:

  • android 2.x :  press Menu button > Add to Home > Widget > Select the widget
  • android 4 : click on the app list > go to widgets tab

Ideas for next updates

The locale setting does not change the keyboard. You can still have all the apps in German and keep the French keyboard. It’s troublesome because word completion is in the keyboard setting. will be the  That’s two different settings on OEM smartphones ( at least on Samsung Touchwiz and HTC Sense). One setting on Nexus S. I’ll try to add on the widget both : language used in the OS and the keyboard.

One minor, the language displayed on the widget is just the language without any regional preference. There is English (United Kingdom) , English( United States).

Graphic designer needed

The icon ( tongue with flags) I’m using is not mine . Just found on google . I’m looking for a graphic designer for Raygional. It’s just one single 512*512 icon. I’d be really grateful for the help. Email me at raychenon At indolor.com . You’ll get your name or alias ( for privacy ) in the special thanks.

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