Raygional update “2.1-FlagsOfCountries”

Raygional latest update has  country flags in the widget. Everytime you change the language, the country flag will be displayed in the widget. Of course the list of flags is not complete, so by default Raygional icon will be displayed.

This update contains the following flag :
-China cn
-Denmark da Dansk
-Germany de Deustch
-Greece el ελληνικά
-Great Britain en English
-Spain es Español
-Finland fi Suomi
-France fr Français
-South Korea ko 한국어
-Italy it Italiano
-Japan jp 日本語
-Netherlands nl Nederlands
-Norway no Norsk
-Romania ro  Română
-Russia ru русский
-Sweden sv Svenska

Some users may wonder WTF I chose American English so why do I see the British flag? . Languages don’t have a national flag on their own, it’s the country where it’s associated. The same language can be spoken in different countries. If that’s an user request I’ll add the regional flags . ie For English : Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States.