Raygional update “2.2” Magyar


It’s a principle to fix bugs before writing new code

China and Japan flags were not visible.
For China, the code country is cn and the Chinese language is zh . Taiwan flag tw was added to make the difference between simplified and avoid a diplomatic incident 🙂
For Japan, the code country is ja and language is jp

For Norway, norsk Bokmål nb was added . Only Norsk no was recognized before

New flags

New country flags made an entrance :
– Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)
– Hindi (India)
– Hebrew (Israel)
– Czech Republic
– Hungary
– Poland

New distribution Strategy :  localization

I’m still experimenting how to increase download numbers. I remember reading about angry birds marketing strategy . In order to enter the big market, Rovio conquered small markets first.

“We realised very early on it would be tough to break those markets. So we tried to get a following in the smaller nations,” says Matt Wilson, head of marketing. It took only a few hundred purchases to get the game to number one in the Finnish App Store. The same went for Sweden and Denmark, then Greece and the Czech Republic. “Before having any traction in the UK and US, which are now 90 per cent of our market, we had 30,000-40,000 downloads in smaller nations — not a huge amount, but probably four times what the average app sells,” says Wilson.

Raygional is after all targeted at multilinguists. After first , it makes sense to translate in popular languages like English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Korean…  but to penetrate these markets is tough. So I asked some people to translate in Scandinavian and Eastern European languages.

The first translation I got is Hungarian ( magyar ).

Let’s see if the download rate will be affected.