Recharger sa oyster card hors de l’Angleterre

La oyster card est un ticket de transport Londonien (pensez au pass Navigo) . Les londoniens peuvent la recharger en ligne . Ayant déjà une oyster card et voulant la recharger en ligne au lieu de perdre quelques minutes à faire la queue dans les Tube Stations.  Donc sur ce fameux site, je rentre mes coordonnée , le numéro de la Oyster . Ensuite mes coordonnées ( code postal , numéro de téléphone ) , ça se complique !
On ne peut pas donner un code poste étranger ( ex : 75005 ) . Il faut un postcode UK (ex : SW19 3RQ) .
Idem pour le numéro de téléphone  pas de (+336 … )  , le numéro commence par 020… .
Tant pis je donne un postcode et cellphone Anglais . Au moment de payer avec la carte , un SMS avec un code temporaire est envoyé au portable. Ce code temporaire doit être composé au.

Mince le TFL ( Transport For London ) n’a pensé pour les étrangers. Donc je leur adresse un mail avec tous mes désagréments . Leur réponse

You are correct in noting that addresses and payment cards outside the UK cannot be accepted. The reasons for this are partly due to the cost of mailing new cards but mainly for reasons of payment security. We are sorry to have to say that we do not currently have any plans to change this due to the potential difficulties of dealing with online fraud internationally.

However, you are welcome to top-up at any staffed London Underground Tube station, Oyster Ticket Stops or Travel Information Centre, when you are next in London.

Donc pas moyen de recharger  (top up) de la Oyster card en ligne pour les non résidents UK. La Oyster card est rechargeable seulement sur Londres dans les machines.

Musical Mamma Mia! at Prince of Wales Theatre London

Every time I visit London, I see a musical show. In 2003 with my parents, we saw Les Misérables booked the same day. On the 2nd trip in 2008, my company  sponsored a weekend London to see Gone with the Wind. The overall (eurostar, hotel, theatre tickets ) cost was a bargain, so most did not even show up. Ever since it’s become an habit to attend a musical live show in London. When my father wished to go there, he asked me what musicals shall we attend ? I first searched for CATS not available. Then my eyes caught Mamma Mia! . I remembered the film starring Meryl Streep , Pierce Brosnan and of course the seventies ABBA hits.

If you visit London , there are plenty of attractions during daylight. London’s nightlife clearly beat Paris hands on !! You have to see a West End show . Even tough Mamma Mia! worldwide is staged in Brazilian, Japanese, Korean, French or Italian … I prefer to stick to the English version because the lyrics stay to the original. And somehow dubbed version sound strange at least in French. So if you’re in London or Broadway, take the chance to see this show.

The show is at the Prince of Wales Theatre , close Piccadilly Circus station , nearby to Soho area. Plenty of restaurants to dine before or after.

We booked the seatings in the stalls for 81 pounds per person . My seat was left to a group of three Swede blondes , country of ABBA. Like me they prefer the English version. Here is what the Prince of Wales interior look

during the pause

The plot is about Sophie preparing her wedding on a Greek Island. She wants her father to walk her down the aisle, but doesn’t know who he is.  Sophie discovers her mother ‘s diary and finds intimate dates with three men. Sophie believes that one of these men is her father and, three months prior to the wedding, sends each an invitation to her wedding writing in the name of her mother, Donna, without letting the unsuspecting latter know.

Unfortunately cameras are not allowed during performance. The actors were the same in the following photos.

Sophie and her three possible fathers : Sam , Bill, Harry ( left to right )

Sophie on her bachelor party

The play came after the songs. The story is written around the ABBA songs.  My favorites are : “Mamma Mia” , “Dancing Queen“, “Our Last Summer“.


It’s definitely worth to watch it if you’re in London. The actors are great singers & dancers and it’s packed with energy. Great entertainment!! For more information about tickets  go to their website

The next day, I saw “The Wizard of Oz” , I enjoyed it but not the same excitement as Mamma Mia! .

Afterward I re-watched the film. The live show was much more lively & funny. The song sequence, text script are the same .  I remember at the end the funny dialogue.
Sophie: ” I don’t care if you slept with hundreds of men .  You’re my mum”
Donna: ” I haven’t slept with hundreds of men”

Sounds like Greece would be great destination.